Cafe bar Gusar

Dashing cocktails in a cozy atmosphere, spiced up by soulful funk and topped up with a stunning sea view

The story of "gusar"

Our story begins with a pirate seeking shelter for his ship in the waters of Mlini bay. After nights ashore, drinking barrels of rum with his crew, he fell in love with one very spot on the rocky shores which he claimed to be a piece of heaven. With each sunset more beautiful than the other, he realized that he found his treasure, therefore "Pirate's Social Club Gusar" was born. To this date, we cherish drinking and socializing with pirates from all the 7 seas as our Captain's legacy.

Today we aargh! serving amazing cocktails with a variety of other drinks. Honoring the tradition by combining fresh ingredients and quality spirits with a sip of our passion you'll have an (un)forgettable experience.

Where to find us



Hours: Every day from 09h to 24h

Address: Marka Marojice 24a, Mlini

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